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Posted: 22 Dec 2021

Job Title: Electrical Maintenance Engineer                                                                Reporting to: Maintenance Manager

Contract Type: Full-time / Permanent                                                                        Location: Emyvale, Co. Monaghan

Key Accountabilities:

  • Troubleshoot equipment issues e.g. mechanical, electrical, automation or instrumentation within the facility / farms, identify a solution and implement an appropriate repair.
  • Work with peers ensuring all maintenance and repair work is clearly prioritised and completed safely, effectively, in a timely manner and in compliance with the appropriate industry / company standards.
  • Closely monitor line and machine performance intervening as required to ensure continuous performance in conjunction with the Production Team.
  • Involved in project planning and implementation in support of continuous improvement / equipment installation activities.
  • Input to and carry out Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Routines ensuring the system is kept up to date on HACCP Live, based on actual activities carried out.
  • Ensure any audit findings relating to equipment or facilities are addressed and closed off in a timely manner.
  • Implement appropriate CIP programs to demonstrate ongoing performance improvements in the maintenance function and how they positively impact the financial performance of the business.
  • Assist in Quality Assurance, Environmental or H&S accident investigations, identifying the root cause, implementing and verifying corrective actions as required.
  • Support the Production Team in achieving our business targets and performance of other related duties as assigned.
  • Ensure cleanliness in any areas in which you are working, including any transit areas to and from the workshop.
  • Participate in on-call schedule for the processing plant and associate farm locations.


  • Trades Qualified Electrical with strong mechanical knowledge.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working in the Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical or related industry.
  • Ability to work to a flexible schedule to accommodate and prioritise the needs of the business.
  • Knowledge of packing equipment, refrigeration and chilling equipment would be an advantage.
  • Excellent time management and an ability to work independently.
  • Work well with other functions developing positive relationships to ensure the delivery of results.


Founded in 1962, Silver Hill is a fully integrated premium duck producer. All aspects of our business are owned and controlled by Silver Hill Duck including breeding, egg production, hatching, selection, processing, cooking, and packaging. Our distinctive duck is the secret to our success and is a breed that is exclusive to Silver Hill. It has been continually developed over the years, to produce a duck that is full of flavour, succulent, tender and consistent in its quality.



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    Posted: 09 Sep 2021

    What are your main tasks and responsibilities?

    • Leadership, Communication & Organising skills
    • Team Managements skills are essential
    • Ability to lead a team in a fast paced environment
    • Strict protocols to animal welfare, health & safety regulations are key
    • Full clean driver licence
    • Basic IT skills
    • Work hours vary as per pre-set program based on an average 30 hour week
    • Annual Salary €40,000 per annum

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      Posted: 19 Jul 2021

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        Posted: 07 Jul 2021

        We are hiring for new team members to join our Hygiene Team with an immediate start available.

        Duties Include:

        • Cleaning of factory within a food environment
        • Cleaning of utensil and machinery as needed during the day and at the end of production.
        • Maintaining high standards of hygiene across the factory
        • Working alongside a team of people

        Candidate Requirements:

        • Food manufacturing experience beneficial but not essential
        • A team player who can work well with people in all departments and all levels
        • A motivated, determined and enthusiastic individual with team building qualities
        • Cleaning experience beneficial but not essential

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          Posted: 23 Apr 2021

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