Ireland is preparing to change the way it recycles with the launch of the national Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) which goes live in February 2024.
In conjunction with Lidl Ireland who were the first retailer in Ireland to introduce a reverse vending machine to pilot the deposit return system, Silver Hill Duck are the first supplier nationally to reuse this recycled material in the packaging for our products.
30% of the total tray weight in our Crispy Duck and Pancake product is now made from collected bottles recycled by customers in store with the tray itself being 100% recyclable! Customers also receive 10 cents in store credit for every empty PET beverage bottle they place into the machines.
This is a significant and exciting step in our country’s transition to a more circular economy and to tackle the 1.9 billion drink bottles and cans consumed each year in Ireland.

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Silver Hill Launches DRS Scheme – YouTube