Aromatic Duck Fillet with Soba Noodles

Cook Time
30 min


  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.
  2. Make sure the skin of the duck fillet is scored
  3. Place fillets fat side down on a COLD dry pan and turn to a medium to low heat.
  4. As the pan heats up the fat will start to render from the fillets.
  5. Cook until fat is golden in colour (time will depend on the speed of your hob) about 6 – 8 minutes.
  6. Turn fillets over and continue to cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes
  7. Place fillets on a roasting tray and cook in the oven for a further 15 – 20 minutes.
  8. Remove from oven and allow to rest for 5 min before carving
  9. Meanwhile cook the noodles according to the pack instructions and drain
  10. Mix soy sauce, hoi sin sauce, oil, brown sugar and lime juice together and toss half through the noodles
  11. Divide the noodles between plates, top with slices of mango, coriander and duck and drizzle with remaining sauce


4 x Silver Hill aromatic duck fillets
2Tbsp x hoi sin sauce
270g x soba noodles
80ml x soy sauce
1tbsp x sesame oil
1tbsp x brown sugar
Juice of 1 lime
1 mango, sliced
2 sprigs x coriander

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